J. Virgil Dunbar

Dunbar's ministry includes two years of missionary evangelism in Japan and Okinawa and various church service appointments in Washington, Oregon, Texas and California over the last 40 years. Dunbar's book calls for a return to the Biblical Paradigm for our concept of Christ. It is time to turn from the monistic idols to the biblical revelation of Christ. Dunbar and his wife Lorraine live in Portland, OR. One of their greatest joys is that their four children and their families are active in the Christian faith.

"...I am shocked to see others who call themselves Biblical Christians make and laud illustrations, videos, wall pictures and children's instruction books portraying Christ. This book is necessary to bring Christians to their senses."
Richard Bennett

Richard Bennett is a converted Roman Catholic who served as parish priest for 22 years.

"We want to get his book into the hands of as many Christians as possible."
Matthew Lankford

Matthew Lankford is a Christian artist with Associates in Art and Art History.